Inbox Group acquires Indiemark

Email marketing services firm Inbox Group acquired email marketing agency Indiemark, both companies said Nov. 1. Terms were not disclosed.

Chris Donald, CEO of Inbox Group, said the acquisition gives his company the resources to add creative and programming services to clients.

“A lot of their types of clients and the way they did things matched,” he said. “We’ve known them for quite awhile. They run their operation similar to how we run ours, with a focus on customer service.”

Donald said he approached Indiemark founder and former CEO Scott Hardigree to suggest an acquisition. “I said to him ‘In a perfect world I could buy your company’ and he said ‘Okay’.”

Hardigree will be retained as VP of partnership relations. He will report to Donald.

Indiemark will retain its brand but will now be referred to as Indiemark, an Inbox Group Co. “Their brand has value,” said Donald. “We didn’t see any benefit to swallowing them up.”

No layoffs will come as a result of the acquisition, said Donald. He added that he will look to add employees to the agency, which now has 14 full-time and part-time employees.

Inbox Group and Indiemark clients include Hasbro, Jockey and Universal Studios.

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