In the Super Sunday Twitter Bowl, Money Talks

If you wanted to talk to the guys who could tell you what it took to win on the field at Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara yesterday, you would talk to Wade Phillips or Peyton Manning. If you wanted to know what it took to win the day in the Twittersphere, best to talk to Rod Tidwell, the superstar running back represented by Jerry Maguire in the 1996 movie of the same name. What Rod would tell you is: Show! Me! The! Money!

Amobee Brand Intelligence’s monitoring found that Esurance posted a big-time blowout among brands on Twitter surrounding yesterday’s game. It was mentioned in 1,846,404 tweets compared to second-place Dorito’s 317,097. Why? Because Esurance offered a $1 million cash “Pass It On” sweepstakes for which the price of entry was retweeting the hastag #EsuranceSweepstakes. It’s game day commercial (above) showed surgeons and wedding and funeral attendees catching a cash-plastered football. Who said social media marketing was brain surgery?

Brands wanting to be more subtle about earning some love on Twitter should influence Rod Tidwell—or better yet, Peyton Manning—to mention their brand in the winner’s locker room. Manning accommodated everyone’s favorite Clydesdale-borne beer brand last night in the post-game broadcast by announcing that he “was going to drink a lot of Budweiser tonight.” Ka-ching! The victorious QB added a last-minute 36,893 tweets mentioning him to Budweiser’s 265,725 total.

In all, some 13.6 million tweets mentioning the Super Bowl were posted between 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time yesterday and 6:30 this morning. The Top 10 Twitter Bowl Brands:

1.    Esurance           1,846,404

2.    Doritos                317,097

3.    Pepsi                   309,393

4.    Budweiser         265,725

5.    T-Mobile             108,963

6.    Mountain Dew    91,206

7.    Pokemon             60,345

8.    Prius                     53,064

9.   Jungle Book        46,683

10.  X-Men                  45,216

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