In Circulation: Marketers speak loud and clear about their needs

Welcome to DMNews’s first-ever Circulation Marketing e-newsletter — your source for news, information, tips and tricks to help navigate the ever-changing world of circulation marketing.

2008 promises to be an interesting and challenging year for circ marketers. Print publications are striving to keep up with digital innovations, “green” (read: anti-paper) fervor is going strong and American consumers are increasingly wary of where to spend their dollars. In other words, savvy marketing is more essential to circ numbers than ever before.

That’s where this newsletter comes in. We are here to keep you posted of all the goings-on in the circ community, through the distinctive lens of direct marketing: What kind of mail pieces are getting people to sign up (and pay) for a year-long subscription? What inserts are actually being filled out and mailed back? Where and how are people distributing their titles?

Simply put, what is getting eyes on the page (and return on investment)?

Answers to some of these questions will derive from news coverage, showing how your peers are tackling the market and what new problems they’ve come across. This newsletter also provides an opportunity for you to sound off, bring up new issues and suggest solutions. Every week, we’ll feature a guest column written by an expert in the industry. We’re hoping you find most of these expert views helpful, and that, if you don’t, you write in and (politely) tell us why.

We are here to start a discussion, through which circulation experts can learn from each other, share their concerns and show what works. I hope you’ll continue to join us each week.

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