Improving SEO with your webinar program

Trying to get your company to the top of the organic listings on search engine results pages? Chances are you’re exploring a variety of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve your ranking. Updating your Web site with fresh, relevant content and making site navigation intuitive are just two SEO methods you’ve likely considered. But here’s another tool for your SEO arsenal that you may not have thought of: webinars. 

While we don’t advocate developing a webinar program for the sole purpose of improving SEO (they’re very resource intensive), if you currently have a webinar program in place or are developing one for other reasons, then take the opportunity to reap some SEO benefit as well. There are a number of ways you can use webinars to help improve SEO, but the most beneficial components to include are landing pages and linking. 

Developing a high-quality landing page for your webinar is essential. When creating your landing page, apply the usual SEO techniques: include relevant keywords, code with simple HTML, and build clear text links to make it easier for search engines to index the page. Equally important is matching the wording on the landing page heading to the wording on other Webinar promotions. For example, if the event is called “Webinar SEO 101” and you promoted it via an e-mail marketing campaign, then this title is probably what someone searching for the event online would type.

And obvious, but worth noting, make sure the landing page is user-friendly and the copy is well written. Anyone clicking through to the landing page needs to see exactly why they will benefit from the webinar and how they view the event. 

Backlinks, or the incoming links to a Web site or landing page, are extremely helpful for improving SEO. Use your webinar landing page as part of your backlinking strategy. If done correctly, this is viral marketing at its best.  Generating high quality links to your webinar landing page helps ensure search engines will quickly index and hopefully highly rate your landing page. Often, if the content of your webinar resonates with attendees, you’ll find the industry bloggers and other company sites will link to your event as well.

Additionally, link to your webinar landing page from your own homepage using anchor text that matches the landing page title. Because your homepage likely has the highest page rank to pass down to the landing page, this can be a quick way to boost your authority while you’re waiting for external links to materialize. Similarly, linking your landing page back to other important pages of your site will pass any ranking down to the main domain. Finally, it’s important to note that to get an SEO boost from these tactics your landing page must be hosted on (and linked to other pages on) your main Web site domain. This allows the benefits of backlinks and other tools to filter back down to your main site.

Landing pages and linking are two key ways to achieve an SEO benefit from your webinar program. 

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