iMarket Offers with New BTB Data Elements

iMarket Inc., a provider of business-to-business sales and marketing data and analysis tools, is making new specialty data elements available today. iMarket Inc. is a Dun & Bradstreet company.

The elements include corporate linkage, marketing risk screen and telecommunications projections.

D&B data now available through iMarket's software suite, MarketPlace, and, the company's Internet solution, include:

· Corporate Family Relationships, which indicates the relationship among different companies within a corporate family.

· Franchise 1000 Indicator, in which Fortune magazine's annual list is matched with a D&B Data Universal Numbering System code.

· Marketing Risk Screen, which identifies companies as having a low, medium or high likelihood of becoming a collection problem. This tool is useful in pre-screening prospects.

· Telecom Projections, 16 statistical models developed by D&B in coordination with an outside telecommunications consulting firm.

· Wireless Projections, statistical models based on trade data patterns, dynamics and information on the businesses.

iMarket also offers more D&B data exclusively through Quick Data Services, which is available on Data elements include: Canadian businesses, cottage industry businesses, minority- and female-owned businesses, employee and revenue growth trends and commercial occupancy data.

In addition, two new data providers are contributing new data elements to iMarket's online and desktop tools:

· Insurance Services Office, the property/casualty insurance industry's leading supplier of statistical, actuarial, underwriting and claims information. ISO offers information and analysis for insurance company professionals, agents, brokers, regulators, risk managers and researchers.

· DomainGo specializes in business intelligence information automatically collected from the Internet via its proprietary spidering capabilities. DomainGo has contributed more than 1 million URLs to the iMarket database.

All iMarket solutions provide customers with the data and technology they need to find new customers, derive more value from existing customer relationships and identify new market opportunities.

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