IMarket Deepens BTB Sales and Marketing Database

IMarket Inc., a business-to-business sales and marketing data and analysis tool vendor, has added new information from its data partners to create a comprehensive BTB database.

The database is incorporated into iMarket's MarketPlace software suite and, the company's Internet business unit. Sales and marketing professionals use these tools to target potential new customers, identify new market opportunities and analyze customers.

The iMarket database now includes information on an additional 1 million U.S. businesses from Dun & Bradstreet, bringing the total number of companies available to 12 million. The database is also deeper with the addition of 1.9 million contact names from Harte-Hanks Market Intelligence. Harte-Hanks has also contributed new technical estimators on details such as cell phone usage.

In addition, iMarket, Waltham, MA, now offers 3 million fax numbers. In all, there are almost 475,000 new records, a 9.2 percent increase in the amount of information available.

“We need to be targeted and customized in our approach to marketing,” said Robyn Gault, marketing manager at Direct Lease, Portsmouth, NH, an Inc. 500 company that provides credit lines for businesses to acquire equipment or technology. “The iMarket database, which we access through, allows us to finely tune our search for good prospects by drilling down beyond basic firmographic information like SIC … to more specific details, such as contact names. The iMarket database … has allowed us to double our response rates.”

The iMarket database integrates information from dozens of data suppliers to include basic firmographic information, such as SIC, number of employees and annual sales, as well as more detailed data, including 35 million contact names and titles, such as chief engineer, financial controller and LAN manager.

The data also allow users to conduct searches based on industry-specific data. Industries covered include information technology, insurance, financial services and energy.

IMarket's software allows users to prospect for new customers, analyze their existing customer base to determine common characteristics and identify new market opportunities.

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