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IMarket, D&B Product Designed to Streamline Lead Distribution

IMarket, a business-to-business sales and marketing solutions provider, and business information provider Dun & Bradstreet today will announce the Private Data Portal, a new product designed to streamline lead-distribution solutions for organizations with large, distributed sales forces or reseller networks.

The announcement is to be made at the DMA's fall show in Chicago.

The Private Data Portal is the first product initiated by iMarket and D&B jointly since D&B acquired iMarket in May. The companies developed the product jointly to meet growing market demand for easy-to-use solutions that deliver leads directly to the field, while simultaneously providing corporate control over market coverage and territory definition.

D&B, Murray Hill, NJ, has been affiliated with iMarket, Waltham, MA, since 1991, when it began providing data to fuel iMarket solutions. D&B acquired a minority interest in the company in 1996.

The Private Data Portal distributes D&B prospect data, integrated with third-party or customer information, directly to sales people in the field. It is delivered via the Web, so sales reps have access anytime, anywhere.

To create a Private Data Portal, iMarket works with the customer to build a streamlined interface that includes data relevant to a selling environment. Customers can choose from iMarket's catalog of marketing information, including D&B's 13 million U.S. business records and more than 300 data elements from best-of-breed partners as well as the customer's inhouse data. The portal complements existing customer relationship management and sales force automation applications. It can be launched in as little as one month, then fully rolled out to the field.

The Private Data Portal is immediately available. Pricing is based on site development, hosting and the amount of data required. Typical implementations range from $75,000 to $125,000 annually. Data costs are additional.

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