Imagery carries all the weight in direct mail postcard


This direct mail postcard targets former members of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) and urges them to rejoin the group. It has all the necessary elements of a successful design. The photo of an “all-American” golden retriever lying with his head cocked in a tilted position is appealing and dramatic.

The photo is accompanied by text stating, “Please come back,” with this plea seeming to come from the dog. This is a good combination of imagery and text designed to evoke an emotional response.

The postcard also poses the question, “What can we do to get you back?” This appeal is followed by questions touting the group’s benefits. The group’s logo is easily identified in the bottom left corner and allows the recipient to quickly know where the piece came from.

The card has a call to action, prompting the recipient to respond, but the effective­ness of this piece lies in the visual imagery and emotion evoked by the photo.


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