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IDG Links Magazine Listing With Mailings

IDG List Services today announced the debut of As Seen in Your MailBox, a listing service for users of three of its managed subscriber files.

As Seen in Your MailBox will be a listing section for direct marketers in the back of Computerworld, NetworkWorld and InfoWorld magazines. Only mailers using the postal or e-mail files from the publications are eligible to buy a listing. However, the number of list rentals and listings don't have to be equal. If a mailer uses a list twice in a year, it could put in more than two listings.

Listings appear alphabetically. They include the company name, 50 words of text, telephone number and URL. An icon appears next to each listing to alert readers to whether the mailer has a postal or e-mail campaign in the mail.

Though the publications are weekly, the listing will appear in one issue per month per title. Listing dates are staggered for the three magazines.

Circulation is 190,000 for Computerworld, 170,000 for NetworkWorld and 220,000 for InfoWorld. Mailers reach not only the consumers who received their postal or e-mail campaigns, but all subscribers and newsstand readers of the magazines.

Direct marketers are privy to the editorial focus of each publication for the issue with the listings in case they wish to choose a topic that coincides with their offer. For example, a marketer of information security products or services might want to be listed in the July 5 issue of InfoWorld, when the editorial will focus on security issues.

The cost of the listing is a $600 flat fee with another $100 to include a logo. The price is in addition to the regular list rental costs.

“A nice part of the program is that you can coordinate your postal mail or e-mail to arrive in conjunction with the publication for an additional lift,” said Deb Goldstein, president of IDG List Services, Framingham, MA. “Depending on your timing, either the direct mail can reinforce the listing or the listing can reinforce the mail.”

To reach Goldstein for more information about these programs, call 508/370-0820 or e-mail [email protected]

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