Idaho Drops Consumer No-Call Fee

Idaho will drop the $10 registration fee and $5 renewal fee consumers must pay to register for the state's no-call list, the Idaho attorney general's office said Friday.

With the launch of the free national no-call list, charging residents to register for the state lists no longer makes sense, Idaho attorney general Lawrence Wasden said in a statement. Fees collected so far have been sufficient to launch and continue the state list, he said.

The state will suspend consumer registration for the list temporarily to update the system's software to allow for free registration. In addition, consumers who signed up for the list after the most recent cut-off date, June 30, will receive refunds of their fees in four to six weeks.

Idaho plans to include state residents who register for the national no-call list in its state no-call list as required by federal law. However, Idaho law prohibits the state from sharing data in the state no-call list with the federal government, so consumers who have registered for the state list must register separately for the national no-call list.

The attorney general's office said it would ask the Idaho legislature next winter whether it should approve sharing the state data with the national list.

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