I-Centrix partners with Catalog Choice

I-Centrix, a provider of database and data management services, announced today a partnership with free opt-out service Catalog Choice.

“I-Centrix is an ideal place to complete the loop between Catalog Choice, the consumers and the catalogers themselves,” said Bob Gaito, CEO of I-Centrix.

As a result of the partnership, I-Centrix clients who use the company’s merge/purge service will now have the option of accessing data from Catalog Choice’s online mail preference service without additional cost. I-Centrix works with a number of opt-out services, including DMAChoice, Gaito said.

First launched in October, Catalog Choice is a sponsored project of the Ecology Center of Berkeley. According to Catalog Choice, more than 900,000 people have opted out of almost 12 million catalogs through the service provided by the nonprofit organization.

It’s all about removing unresponsive names in a cost-effective way, said Chuck Teller, Catalog Choice’s executive director. Catalog Choice actually designed its list so it could easily feed into the merge purge process, he said.

Teller added that Catalog Choice would continue to seek similar partnerships with other merge/purge service providers. “What we’re trying to do is to find guys like I-Centrix who can integrate it into their processes and not tack on an additional fee and actually have it be part of their services,” he said.

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