IBM Watson Partners With Genesys

IBM Watson, the IBM division behind the Jeopardy-winning natural language artificial intelligence, announced yesterday its new partnership with customer services solutions provider Genesys.

By combining the Watson Engagement Advisor with the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, the two companies will develop a learning system that uses data-driven insights to automate actions, specifically in call centers. Genesys plans to release the Watson-fueled solution in late Q4 this year.

The collaborative capabilities of the solution will enable Genesys customers to access a system that thinks, learns, and provides expert insights based on analysis of millions of pages of data. The system processes this data within seconds and uses the information within to aid customer center agents and customers alike.

The “Ask Watson” feature will bring advanced self-serve capabilities to chat sessions and online interactions, allowing customers to resolve issues quickly and with minimal interaction with service agents. However, if a customer reaches a point during a self-serve interaction that could prompt customer churn or a timely sales opportunity, Watson will signal to transfer the interaction to an agent. Watson selects an appropriate agent based on agent experience, channel used, and training.

“Customer engagement is a natural fit for Watson,” IBM Watson Group’s SVP Mike Rhodin said in a statement. “This is a key example of how a new era of cognitive computing applications will transform industries and p[professions and revolutionize how decisions are made.”   

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