IBM Video Series, part 1: John Kennedy, VP, corporate marketing

As digital technology moves from the “back-office” to the “front-office,” CMOs are now influencing more technology spending. In fact, by 2017 the head of marketing—not the head of technology—will have the most influence on an organization’s technology spend, according to Gartner Inc.

Armed with Big Data and bigger budgets, CMOs can shape everything from how brands interact with customers, to the products and services they offer, to the structure of the company itself. While the deluge of data generated by customers is fueling this trend, a recent IBM study found that nearly half of marketers feel unprepared to handle the complexity of digital marketing.

To capture this opportunity, it’s important for CMOs and chief information office to forge a shared agenda to drive marketing innovation, blending the art of marketing with the science of technology.

—John Kennedy, VP of corporate marketing, IBM

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