IBM, Coremetrics enhance partnership

IBM and Web analytics services provider Coremetrics announced yesterday that they have extended their collaboration to include broader measurement capabilities for IBM’s WebSphere Commerce Web 2.0 Store service as well as a preconfigured multichannel analytics service.

The two companies had previously teamed up to bring analytics capabilities to IBM’s multichannel retail offerings. When IBM introduced WebSphere Commerce Web 2.0 in February, for instance, it also announced a new partnership with BazaarVoice to offer its customers the ability to include their reviews. The arrangement included the leveraging of Coremetrics, San Mateo, CA, technology to provide analytics for the reviews.

The announcement provides for embedded analysis and measurement capabilities in WebSphere Commerce Web 2.0, with customizable tagging for reporting purposes. As a result, retailers will be able to track the impact of page views as well as intra-page activity such as AJAX pop-ups.

The technology in the Web 2.0 Store from IBM, Armonk, NY, for example, enables online customers to add a purchase to their cart and carry on browsing the site to check out other product recommendations through AJAX pop-ups, without losing their place in the checkout process. This interim browsing activity can now be measured as part of the overall campaign analysis.

The new preconfigured multichannel analytics service includes a set of reports, analytics and adapters that provide a streamlined measurement platform for the performance of sales, products, promotions and business-to-business contracts across the Web and call center.

The enhancements to Coremetrics Analytics for WebSphere Commerce Sales Center include an integrated, closed-loop e-mail marketing solution that allows marketers to create an e-mail in WebSphere Commerce and automatically add tracking codes for Coremetrics. Retailers can also create visitor segments in Coremetrics and export to WebSphere Commerce for more targeted e-mails.

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