I-Behavior Triples Participant List

Two-year-old I-Behavior Inc. has reached the 300-member mark in its cooperative database of buying behavior. That figure is up from 99 database members in March 2001.

“There are now 300 committed participants,” said Lynn Wunderman, president/CEO of I-Behavior, Harrison, NY. “It took our competitors like three years to get to that point.”

Wunderman said she was surprised by the rapid growth of the I-Behavior database, given the ailing economy.

“What is amazing is our ability to compete at this level,” she said. “I think it's really a credit to the predictive value and the level of data we have in our base.”

However, I-Behavior's main competitors, DoubleClick's Abacus Alliance and Experian's Z-24, are still much larger than the fledgling database. Abacus has more than 1,800 members while Z-24 has more than 600.

But Wunderman sees that as a positive.

“It means there's still a sizable opportunity for us to grow,” she said.

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