**I-Behavior Adapts Merge/Purge for I-Marketers

NEW ORLEANS — Co-op database marketer I-Behavior Inc., Harrison, NY, yesterday announced Dynamic Data Link, a technology it created to integrate online and

offline customer behavioral records, at the DMA conference and exhibition here.

Dynamic Data Link's core is its ability to piece together significant information from a variety of user e-mail addresses to create a complete “buyer-centric” profile.

One of the key differences between DDL and previous merge/purge software is that DDL does not purge an inferior record in favor of a superior, more complete record, said Lynn Wunderman, CEO of I-Behavior, White Plains, NY. Instead, it groups the records together and selects the best name and address components from each piece of data.

“Traditional merge/purge says, 'I have higher quality data from list A so eliminate list B,' ” she said. “We have the flexibility to say, 'I want the most complete street address from list A and most accurate last name from list B.' “

What's more, users can choose which e-mail addresses to market to based on key criteria such as frequency of usage and the monetary value associated with it.

“Having access to data at a fine-tuned level translates into greater predictive behavior,” Wunderman said. “Past behavior is the strongest predictor of future behavior. What all of this technology allows us to do is to harness the predictive power of this data in ways it hasn't been done before. Marketers can use this information to make every marketing dollar count.”

I-Behavior is a marketing data and information services business that creates a cooperative database of opt-in consumer names that combines online and offline purchase information to serve as the basis for analysis and targeting.

Unlike some of its competitors in the e-mail marketing space, I-Behavior asks consumers from a new member's database to double opt in to receive e-mails from other co-op members. Consumers also always have access to their information and can change their profiles or opt out at any time.

Hanover Direct is the anchor tenant for the database, with its 25 million people who receive its 13 catalog titles, including Domestications, The Company Store and Gump's. I-Behavior has brought on an additional 60 member companies.

I-Behavior has a database of 20 million offline names and 4 million e-mail names of people who have made a purchase within the last 24 months. It has an additional 50 million to 60 million offline and 6 million online names in the pipeline, including duplications.

Consumers who have opted in to receive I-Behavior's mailings will begin to receive its Valet Shop e-mails next month. These messages include rewards, prizes, discounts and pricing incentives for products and services that are targeted to their wants and needs.

“In the open market it costs $200 to $400 per 1,000 names. We charge $135 a thousand,” Wunderman said of pricing. “Offline, baseline data is $60 for 1,000. It typically costs $120. So we're roughly half the price, and you're gaining access to data you can't get anywhere else.”

Additionally, co-op members can have their databases “combed” using the company's technologies free of charge.

I-Behavior's Dynamic Data Link technology will be applied to wireless, interactive television and other addressable media in the near future, according to Wunderman.

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