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IAB Tech Lab to Set Global Digital Marketing Standards

The Interactive Advertising Bureau today announced the formation of IAB Technical Laboratories, whose aim is to reduce the costs of digital advertising and marketing by implementing industry standards. The Tech Lab will be governed by a yet-to-be-appointed board of directors and executive committee.

The IAB’s goals for the global effort is to save time and money for member companies with a certification program for tech vendors, reduce and streamline compatibility issues, and drive the creation of standards in emerging areas such as video, mobile, and the Internet of Things.

IAB “general members” will automatically gain membership, but the IAB has widened its criteria for general membership to “companies that sell, distribute, or optimize” digital ad and marketing programs. The change will allow agencies and providers of technology solutions to become full voting members.

“This shift in membership structure will give many of the key businesses that facilitate and power the interactive advertising industry an increased role in setting the vision and strategy of the IAB,” said Ziff Davis CEO Vivek Shah, who serves as chairman of the IAB board. “With the growth and increasing complexity of a value chain based as much on transacting data as transacting inventory, many of the initial distinctions between IAB members are no longer relevant.”

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