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IAB Endorses New Large Ad Size

More big ads are on the way online.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau yesterday announced it is endorsing a larger sized ad unit to be integrated into three existing IAB recommended sizes to create a “Universal Ad Package” for members to offer advertisers.

The initiative aims to “enable publishers regardless of size or niche a common palette with which to attract advertisers and agencies, providing a framework for integrated campaigns across the Internet,” said Jeff Bernstein, director, MSN ad planning, and chairman of the IAB’s ad sizes committee.

Among those who have already agreed to offer the Universal Ad Package are AOL, MSN, Yahoo, CNET Networks Inc., The Excite Network, Internet Press Association, iVillage, CBS Marketwatch, New York Times Digital, Univision Online, The Wall Street Journal, and Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, according to the IAB.

The initiative, which offers guidelines on file weights, formats, animation length and audio, also aims to make online advertising as simple to plan as television and print, the IAB said. The American Association of Advertising Agencies reportedly also supports the Universal Ad Package.

Last year, the IAB, DoubleClick and Microsoft’s MSN presented three studies that found that bigger ads are better at raising awareness, brand favorability, message association and intent to purchase.

The IAB is soliciting industry feedback on the Universal Ad Package at www.iab.net/standards/adsizes.asp, which will be collected during the next two months before a final package is presented to agencies and marketers in February. The IAB said it expects all publishers to comply with the guidelines within the next 12 to 18 months.

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