Hudock Joins Edith Roman to Head Consumer List Brokerage

List brokerage and management concern Edith Roman Associates, Pearl River, NY, moved to strengthen the consumer side of its list business with the addition of Terry Hudock as vice president of its consumer list brokerage division, the company announced yesterday.

Hudock joins the company from Mokrynski & Associates Inc., Hackensack, NJ, and she previously held positions with Donnelley Marketing, AZ Marketing and the Kaplan Agency.

At Edith Roman, she replaces Joy Contreras, who had been overseeing both consumer list brokerage and management. Contreras now oversees list management exclusively as vice president of consumer list management.

“We’ve made a big commitment to the consumer market,” said Steve Roberts, president of Edith Roman, which counts the majority of its clients on business-to-business side. “We’re well-known in the business-to-business world, and we’re becoming better known in the consumer world.”

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