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Hub Poll Results: There’s cautious confidence in Marissa Mayer and Yahoo

Last week we asked you “How well has Marissa Mayer done in her first year as CEO of Yahoo?”

And here are the results: 

  • Not well at all, the company still
    isn’t innovating and is spending too much on acquisitions 0%  
  • She’s doing great! Yahoo is back in
    the news, making great acquisitions and it’s ‘cool’ again 28.57%  
  • She’s made some good moves, but will
    wait and see before calling her successful 71.43%  

It looks like most of our respondents were pretty optimistic about Mayer’s leadership at Yahoo, even if they aren’t as gung-ho about the company as Wall Street, who continued to support the stock, sending it to a five-year-high last week. There are plenty of good moves Mayer is making at Yahoo in her first year, and we’ve written about some of them. But, it’s still too early to call it a turnaround.

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