Hub Poll Results: Pinterest has so many users, revenue is an afterthought.

In our last poll, we asked Has Pinterest finally
delivered a credible revenue model through its partnerships with other brands?”

Here were the responses: 

– Yes!
Through its partnerships and promotions with other stores, it’s finally making
money. 0%  

– It’s
making money, but remains to be seen if they can sustain this partnerships
model. 33.33%  

– Pinterest
has such a huge following it doesn’t really need a revenue model any time soon. 50%  

– I’m
not convinced of Pinterest’s business model at all. 16.67%

With over 70 million users, it’s no wonder most people think a revenue model isn’t a cause of concern for Pinterest. With that many users growing at an exponential rate, merely having a presence on Pinterest could guarantee advertisers plenty of clicks. Although there’s definitely a significant number who think Pinterest has an unsustainable financial model, it is slowly venturing into money making plans, by partnering with different brands and acting as a digital showroom for them. It also has the option of selling valuable user data to brands so they can market their most pinned or desired products efficiently. Time will tell if it can sustain whatever revenue models it is coming up with, but for now, its huge user base will guarantee its funding for a long time. 


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