Hub Poll Results: No one likes the idea of Facebook video ads

Here are the results
from our latest Hub Poll, where we asked you “How do you feel about Facebook
introducing video ads?”

 65% I hate popup video ads, they are
intrusive and will make Facebook awful.   

15% Not a fan of advertising, but it’s expected if the
company wants to grow.

10% I don’t mind it, Youtube already has popup video ads
and I don’t find them too intrusive.

10% I love the idea, it’s a chance for advertisers to get
really creative with video. 

An overwhelming majority doesn’t want to see intrusive video
ads on their Facebook platforms, which is understandable, but Zuckerberg
insists that the design will be as unobtrusive as possible, as he mentions
here. But at this point, video ads on Facebook are inevitable. They’ll be huge
revenue generators for the platform and a great opportunity for marketers. Like
all good things that get tainted with advertising, consumers will eventually
get used to a necessary evil.


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