Hub Poll: People don’t hate Yahoo’s new logo

In our last Hub Poll, we asked:  “What did you think of
Yahoo’s new logo?”

And here are the results from the poll: 

– Loved it! It’s sleek, grown up and
it’s perfect for the company’s new era. 30.23%  

– Hated it! It’s boring and has none
of the playfulness of the old one. 11.63%  

– I’m pretty indifferent. Not a big
change for me. 30.23%  

– Who cares about Yahoo’s logo? 27.91%  

Despite all the criticism, derision and scorn heaped on Yahoo’s new logo by several other publications, our readers seemed to either like the new logo or not be too affected by it. The percentage who absolutely hated it were clearly the minority. But on the whole, it’s safe to say that while the logo change may have given the brand a bit of a PR bump, people remained pretty indifferent to it. Which might be even worse.

This could mean not enough people care about the brand to have a reaction to it changing its iconic logo. Or, it could mean that in the face of growing concerns about its business, Yahoo’s logo change should be the last thing it is focusing on.

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