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Hub Poll: Everyone thinks Snapchat is overvalued at $4 billion

In our last Hub Poll, we asked site visitors “Is Snapchat insanely overvalued?” after the news that the photo-sharing app had rejected Facebook’s $3 billion offer to buy it.

Here are the results:

Looks like almost everyone thought Snapchat’s valuation at $4 billion was way too much, with a large percentage (46.51%) discounting the app entirely, saying it makes no money and its popularity is temporary. Almost everyone else agreed that while the app had some value, it was insanely overpriced (51.16%.) A tiny minority thought the valuation was just fine (2.33%.)

From our results, it seems that Zuckerberg and Co. either really see something in Snapchat that we don’t, or this entire stampede towards tapping into a teenage audience is just a temporary fad, without real financial sense.

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