Hub Convene: Afternoon Session Report

Hub Convene continued in the afternoon with panels on analytics and distribution, as well as a web optimization case study and fireside chat with Jon Williams of LinkedIn

Executives from Univision; Licensed Fragrances, Elizabeth Arden; and Dell discussed how they gathered data to inform campaigns and measured success post-campaign. 

Kevin Green, executive director marketing digital strategy and innovation, Dell, said that tracking from social to the company’s new content website PowerMore  to the eCommerce site, provided them deeper metrics than they could get from any external branded content campaign currently. 

Maikel O’Hanlon, VP social media at Horizon Media, talked about how his agency leveraged social content to increase brand lift from television spots at our distribution panel.

Emily Titcomb,, said the company’s data-driven culture helped it actively test different ways moving customers through the acquisition funnel and converting sales. It also enabled them the patience to learn what didn’t work.

“Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn,” Titcomb said.

Finally Jon Williams held a fireside with Kim Davis, editor in chief of The Hub, who encouraged brands and executives to experiment with content on the social network.

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