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HSN Breaks Sales Record

Home Shopping Network, Fort Lauderdale, FL, had its best sales day on Saturday, Oct. 17. The company announced sales totalled $24.1 million, breaking the previous sales record by more than 50 percent.

Calls to the Home Shopping Network were not returned.

Part of the day focused on computer equipment which included an Intel Pentium II 350 megahertz personal computer. More than 13,000 of these items were sold. Also featured were computer accessories such as a color flatbed scanner, and a Sharp plain paper fax.

Celebrity guest appearances also help increase the sales volume. Suzanne Somers sold 12,000 sets of her luxurious satin pajama set, along with items from her jewelry and loungewear collections. Jennifer Flavin-Stallone sold more than 59,000 packages of her Serious Skin Care product.

Home Shopping Network also featured Italian jewelry and the 7th Annual Doll Fest on its record-breaking day.

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