HP to reorganize printing units

Hewlett-Packard said this week that it will be realigning its printing division, restructuring five business units into three.

There will be no layoffs associated with the move, according to Alyson Griffin, director of worldwide influencer communications at HP. The company is streamlining the organization “in order to enable revenue growth, reduce cost structure and enhance the customer experience,” Griffin said. The reorganization will take effect August 1.

HP’s supplies business will be eliminated and folded into each of the three remaining units. As a result, HP solutions and their related supplies will now be reporting to one person. The enterprise solutions unit will be combined with HP’s LaserJet hardware and toner supplies businesses in one unit, called LaserJet and enterprise solutions. David Murphy will head up the unit.

The Inkjet and Web solutions unit puts all the Inkjet hardware and the supplies associated with them, plus related Web platforms such as Snapfish and Logoworks, together. “Instead of all the solutions a customer would need being in separate areas, they are now together,” Griffin said. This unit will be headed by Steve Nigro.

The graphics solutions unit is another of the three units under the new structure. This unit existed under the old structure and remains unchanged from before, focusing on large graphics output, billboards, signage, labels, packaging and industrial printing. Michael Hoffman will be the new head of the unit.

In other HP news, the company said this week that it will open new, state-of-the-art customer service and technical support centers in Conway, AR, and Rio Rancho, NM. HP expects to improve processes and achieve efficiencies that will help it continue to improve the total experience for its customers as a result.

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