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HP reveals a new data analysis product for its digital marketing cloud

Taking on marketing cloud giants Salesforce and Adobe, HP recently unveiled the latest addition to its own marketing products suite, HP Autonomy. 

HP’s new Digital Marketing Hub is a service integrating several HP data-mining products to help brands better identify and sell to consumers in real time. HP execs say the Hub can be used to build prescriptive models that match segments to targeted campaigns, and engage customers in across advertising, contact center, mobile, print, social, and the web.

HP is taking a differentiated approach to solving a fundamental challenge for marketers—how to increase engagement, yield and conversions amidst a constantly changing and multichannel marketplace,” said Rafiq Mohammadi, general manager, Marketing Optimization, HP Autonomy. “Rather than forcing a one-size-fits-all approach, we’re enabling customers to leverage unique assets from HP as well as investments they’ve made in other marketing technologies, to help them derive deeper insights and deliver better, more effective content in real time.” 

HP’s sales pitch for the Digital Marketing Hub is that it allows for real-time analysis and action compared to other data analysis tools, which are either for historical analysis or long term projections. 

At the product’s launch in New York, HP Autonomy’s CTO and head of product management for the marketing optimization Sunil Menon said,  “You could see the Adobes of the web analytics world focused on what happened. You could certainly see SaaS solutions from IBM focused on predictive modeling for long-term behavior. What we’ve done is to say, when you look at the customer experiences you have, how do you use them to react to customers in a tenth of a second” 

The other selling point is HP’s consultation and integration with several hot names in the marketing software and digital agency space, including BlueKai, Digital River, ExactTarget, Experian Marketing Services, hybris Software, Kenshoo, Marketo and Rio SEO.  Initial agency and consulting partners include Covario, Critical Mass, Deloitte Digital, Realise and Sapient.  Since many enterprises are already using those services, HP will provide the opportunity to integrate with them.



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