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How Wonderist Boosted a Dental Client’s Monthly Patients

Marketing in the pharmaceutical industry is an over-populated landscape. Yet, marketing in the dental industry remains a highly specialized space.

In fact, the space is still so wide-open, Michael Anderson, co-founder of Wonderist Agency, says there are not any industry-wide set of advertising standards. So many dentists and brands take to marketing in a fragmented way, by hiring a firm for web design, another for direct mail, another for social, and so on.

It’s this convoluted process that became such a challenge for Wonderist, a full-service dental marketing company including custom websites, SEO, online advertising, and traditional marketing management solutions.

Streamlined Success

In 2011, former advertising executive turned business owner Laura Maly and technology startup entrepreneur Michael Anderson founded Wonderist Agency in in Milwaukee, WI.

The company was established with the goal of working in the dental space, helping brands and dentists to increase their new patient base by managing their marketing portfolios.

To create this successful marketing portfolio, Wonderist offered the following services: consulting, account management, online advertising, SEO, social media, custom websites, and video production.

The efforts were so fruitful, in fact, that in 2016 the company expanded to a new office in San Diego.

Today, Wonderist perform these services for more than 80 dentists and practices across the U.S. utilizing analytics to determine which channels are the most successful at driving new patients and appointments.

Perhaps surprisingly, Wonderist discovered the best way to approach new consumers is through phone calls.

“When we found that phone calls were still the best source of new and returning business for dental practices, we knew implementing call tracking was imperative in helping our clients improve customer engagement,” says Anderson.

This is how the Wonderist came to partner with CallRail.

The doctor is in

One of the most important things in any kind of marketing is knowing how clients’ advertising budgets are being put to use. And it’s this kind of transparency that CallRail, an agency that tracks, records and analyzes phone calls for SEO and offline ad campaigns, provided for Wonderist.

“Using CallRail’s CallScore technology, we were able to get better idea of what kinds of calls produce solid leads and bring in new customers based on length and back-and-forth conversation,” says Anderson. “The analytics provided by CallRail are a big part of that visibility, of allowing us to quickly understand what’s working and what isn’t. And this visibility makes us so much more agile, flexible, and able to react quickly when need be, so we can deliver results.”

Wonderist, and all of its hard data, combined with CallRail’s call reporting, were able to create more streamlined and efficient process for better campaigns.

It’s a process that has engendered a great deal of faith from clients, brands and dentists, as the CallRail technology provides them with bottom-line numbers to maintain marketing accountability in their campaigns.

“With CallRail, we bring them understandable and clear numbers, like showing how the number of calls being driven by organic search is increasing year-on-year. That’s a tangible way to demonstrate the work we’re doing for our clients,” says Anderson.

Success will see you now

The methods behind Wonderist’s partnership with CallRail paid immediate dividends.

“Since its implementation, our clients have seen exceptional growth in business and new clients,” says Anderson.

A client in Pittsburgh, prior to signing with Wonderist, averaged an estimated 13 new patients per month. One year later, after Wonderist and CallRail tracked and refocused his marketing efforts, the client saw a remarkable increase, to an average of 70 new patients a month.

“Most importantly for us as an agency, the data from CallRail meant we didn’t have to sit on our hands and say, ‘Gee, I sure hope we were part of helping him drive all those new patients,’” says Anderson.

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