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How to Talk So IT Will Listen: Getting the Data Support You Need

Marketers want a 360-degree view of their customers. IT professionals want consistent, secure and reliable database performance. Marketers struggle with messy, incomplete data coming into the enterprise through a wide array of channels. IT talks about data governance, regulatory compliance and ETL. Is this the Tower of Babel? Not quite.

Although their lingo may be different, both marketing and IT professionals share a common goal: drive company growth by providing exceptional customer experiences.

So what does it take to get both groups on the same page? Join guest speaker Brian Hopkins, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst with Forrester Research and Buck Webb, Senior Solutions Engineer with RedPoint Global, to learn the lingua franca of customer data. Listen in so you can collaborate effectively with your IT colleagues and reach your customer experience goals.

Today’s marketers are looking to be more savvy about Big Data and data-driven marketing technology – this webinar will help you achieve that goal. Register today.

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