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How to integrate your marketing communications for high value

High value communications, including materials mandated by regulating agencies, are essential to conducting business. They must be readable, useful, timely and relevant to the recipient. Failure to meet these benchmarks could have serious compliance implications and result in penalties or revenue shortfalls, and severely damage an organization’s brand reputation. They include communications such as provider directories, complex contract on-boarding programs, wellness and health management communications, insurance policy welcome kits, and registration programs.

Today, the tools and processes that are employed with targeted and database marketing are being pushed into the production and distribution of high value and critical communications.

Targeted marketing tools enable a company to distribute only what a recipient needs. This makes it easier for the recipient to digest and act on the information, making the communication that much more effective. They also are more cost-effective since they reduce printing and warehousing expenses, enable updates to be made virtually in real time, and provide the accuracy demanded with regulatory compliance.

A high value communications solution can be designed to focus on compliance adherence in order to ensure conformance to regulatory requirements through in-line tracking and process accuracy to avoid mistakes before they become a cause for failure. It should also incorporate customer on-boarding, the ability to customize welcome kits and other materials to the specific circumstances of each new account, thereby increasing their effectiveness.

The system should have CRM output, which  improves retention rates by utilizing rich customer-specific data that is collected to create communications which recognize each customer’s uniqueness. In addition expense visibility, something that provides management tools to control costs without sacrificing quality, significantly improving the ROI of communications production and delivery, can be critical.

Personalization and versioning that are done to each marketing push improves response rates with more efficient personalization using in-line digital content libraries and just-in-time printing and warehousing.

A comprehensive, integrated approach to high value communications provides maximum value and delivers a host of benefits, such as lower costs, ease-of-use, reduced waste, timely contact to motivate behavior, and offers that are specific to the age, gender and interests of individual recipients. Today, these benefits are becoming “must-haves” for more and more successful companies.

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