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How to get the most out of post-click analytics

E-mail marketing has come a long way since its infancy.  We’ve developed advanced features allowing marketers to drastically increase ROI.  We’re leveraging social media platforms by offering integration for e-mail campaigns.  Tools like A/B split testing, transaction e-mails and segmentation are standard for serious e-mail marketers.  

The future of the industry seems apparent. The crystal ball points to one thing: relevancy. One-to-one marketing is the way of the future. Our inboxes are full and we’re tired of receiving blast campaigns that don’t speak to our interests. Marketers are looking for ways to send the perfectly personalized e-mail campaign. This means an increase in the usage of dynamic content and segmentation as well as new ways to gauge customer interest. Post-click analytics will soon provide an additional point of relevancy for e-mail marketers to segment.

We’re talking about a marriage between e-mail marketing and Web analytics. In the past, marketers had little control over what happened to e-mail subscribers once they clicked from the e-mail and began engaging with the website. Yes, content is customized via landing pages, but once they arrive, the e-mail relationship is essentially on hold. Post-click analytics will soon bridge this gap. Marketers will have the ability to send recipients personalized e-mail content based on their Web browsing experience.  

The opportunities for online retailers are staggering. For example, if Jane Doe hovers over an image of a pair of shoes for more than ten seconds, perhaps that indicates her interest and her next targeted e-mail campaign could include an image of that shoe in the body of the e-mail. This form of segmentation allows the online retailer to channel Web analytics into actionable intelligence. 

Post-click analytics will also allow marketers to maximize landing pages for key demographics. By enabling demographic tracking, marketers can tag their e-mail subscribers based on any criteria (gender, age, location).  Once they’ve clicked from the email campaign to a landing page, post-click analytics can show marketers exactly how each segment is interacting with a particular landing page. This will allow for robust segmentation and maximization of content for the end subscriber. By using post-click in conjunction with segmentation, marketers have the ability to maximize both the e-mail and Web experience of the subscriber.

These tactics require more planning and design from e-mail marketers. But implemented correctly, post-click analytics will allow marketers to paint a complete picture of their subscribers experience from e-mail delivery to online check out and everything in between. This new wave of analytics will provide e-mail marketers with intelligence that they can act on in the aggregate and individual form. The benefit to subscribers is simple: relevant content tailored around their interests and activities.

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