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How to Create the Ultimate Marketing Plan: Content that Builds Brand, Drives Demand, & Expands Customer Relationships

The world we face as marketers is fast-changing. Four out of five B2B buyers now start their journeys with a web search; three quarters of the buying process is complete by the time they engage with sales. With customers now in control, it’s more important than ever for brands to have the right marketing plan in place, one that resonates with target audiences at every stage of their journeys — the right content, the right metrics and reporting, the right technologies.

Join Bill Kent, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, as he explains how to develop a great marketing plan that builds your brand, drives demand, and improves the customer experience.

Attend this webinar and learn to:

  • Map your goals to customer lifecycle stages.
  • Innovate through new channels, tactics, and content.
  • Identify the technical systems needed to support your activities.
  • Develop KPIs and reports that prove value to the C-suite.
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