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How to create strong brand messaging in the digital age

In my last blog, I talked about choosing the right digital
platforms for your company. Once you’ve chosen the right platforms, how do you
know what content to be sharing?

Because of its instantaneous nature, social media creates a
sense of urgency to act and push out content quickly. I often see companies
throw the concept of strategy and consistency out the window in an effort to
stay on top of content, content, content!

As you strive to create compelling digital content to engage
consumers and grow your business, it is vital that you not lose sight of
the importance of identifying and delivering a strong, clear and concise
corporate message as the foundation for building all other communications

From a brand message, vision statement or company credo, it
is important for a company to identify a strong message that resonates not only
with employees and staff, but also shares its core mission as an organization
with its public, customers and other constituents.

Digital content continues to grow as a creative and easy way to share
information in a timely manner and reach a wider audience on the go. As these casual forms of communication become more effective
for you to reach target audiences, it is more important than ever for your core
messaging to remain clear and consistent. What does your company stand for? How
do you treat your customers and clients? What is your promise to deliver?

Create your core messages, and don’t stray from them in the
interest of delivering content. Digital media gives us the ability to push out messages
through really cool tactics– video, photos, and even in just 140 characters-
but you must remember that your company’s core message and values should shine through in this content.

Here are a few tips to help you bring a consistent voice to
digital content:

  • Develop an editorial calendar so that you stay
    on track with consistent content
  • When developing content, try creating posts that
    can be repeated weekly– stats, how-to’s, tips of the week, etc.
  • Create a hashtag that speaks to your mission,
    and use it whenever possible. 
    Ripken Baseball uses #RipkenWay when sharing
    their instructional content and 
    Under Armour developed #IWILL and uses it
    throughout their content distribution.
  • When creating images, always include your logo
    and URL, so that if the image is shared people recognize your brand
  • Become a short story teller. As a test, pare
    your mission statement or boiler plate down to 140 character.
  • Consistency starts within. Create social media
    guidelines for your employees so they remain on message when they speak about
    your company via social media

The principles of communications have not changed;
technology has just given us the ability to communicate our messages in many
different ways. Take the time, and have the discipline, to make sure your core
messages remain intact through every medium of communication. 

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