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How to choose the right social media platform for your company

“Social media, we need to be on it!

In this crazed, hurry-up-and-get-your-information-out digital world we live in today, the
pressure is on for business owners to embrace every single marketing and
communication vehicle presented to them. 
Social media has become a race to see who can do it best.

Every few months a new social media platform catches
momentum, causing businesses to hurry up and create accounts, bringing on more
work to create and share content to build fan bases. Stress builds as we think
about all of the ways that we can be communicating our messages. However, just
because a platform is there, it doesn’t mean your business needs to be on it.
My advice to small businesses? Keep calm, and choose the right platforms for
your business.

At their core, marketing and communication principles are
built on well thought out strategies to reach targeted demographics. Social
media is constantly evolving, and it’s uncharted territory for all marketers.
However, the principles remain the same. 
Who are you trying to reach, and where are they?

Here a few recent observations that have helped me when
guiding small businesses in choosing their social media presence:

B2B companies
can have success on social media, especially through LinkedIn
. LinkedIn is
not just for HR professionals and job-seekers, it’s a robust networking
platform that is great for sales professionals. Through LinkedIn, your sales
professionals can make deals while being a huge asset for your brand’s overall
social media presence.

demographics are shifting.
The early adopters (young people) are moving
away from Facebook, and the older demographic is becoming more active. Here is
a great op-ed posted by Mashable that highlights this shift.

is a great way to reach media.
If reaching key media outlets is a part of
your overall communications goals, then building your Twitter presence is a
worthwhile effort.

continues to be a great way to reach women and drive them to your website,
but you must have visual, useful content to be successful with the effort.

There is no doubt that social media is changing the way we
communicate, and the way we market our businesses. It’s an important means of
marketing, and it certainly should not be overlooked. However, without knowing the
platforms and your own business goals, you could be wasting valuable time and
effort. Social media isn’t an option – you must choose, but choose wisely!  



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