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How to Capitalize on the Future of Email

As marketing matures and evolves in a multi-channel world one thing remains unchanged: email is still critical to the success of every company today. After 16 years of innovation, and sending over 20% of all legitimate email, learn what email’s innovators see as the next frontier for the channel and the kinds of technical changes on the horizon.

Join this webinar and hear from email’s heavy lifters—George Schlossnagle, President and Founder of Message Systems, and Juan Altmayer Pizzorno, Co-founder of Port25 Solutions Inc—as they share their insights, predictions, cautionary tales and unparalleled understandings of marketing’s most important channel: email.

Tune in to learn:

  • How to prepare for what’s next in email
  • The role email authentication has played on the channel
  • How the cloud is affecting email
  • How platforms will handle emerging channels
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