How to better personalize your digital marketing

As direct marketers
navigate this uncertain economy, making ad dollars work harder requires more
than just getting visitors to their site. A recent survey identified
conversions as the leading gauge of success among 82% of direct


Personalizing and
enhancing users
online experiences increases the odds they will convert.
These efforts regularly improve revenue by ten to 20% and boost
click-through and conversion rates by an average of five to 40%. Some
marketers realize more than 100% increases in conversion rates, but to
do so, they must engage consumers from the initial ad all the way through to a
conversion more often. Personalizing visitors
on-site experiences
and testing and optimizing various elements of a site can help a wide range of
direct marketers.


personalize sites in many ways. Some classify visitors as part of a segment and
serve more relevant content and promotions accordingly. Others improve product
recommendations or use automation to provide highly relevant content and
promotions to individuals based on products they
ve selected or
something the marketer knows about the user. Many direct marketers employ more
than one effort simultaneously., a
power tool and fastener distributor serving the construction industry, chose
automated methods to personalize visitors
experiences by
improving product recommendations and personalizing on-site content. saw a 12% lift in average order value thanks to the
enhanced product recommendations. By employing an automated personalization
algorithm to keep experiences relevant and visitors engaged,
boosted on-site click-through rates by more than 17%.


While automation can
help personalize sites for each visitor, direct marketers can optimize their
Web site for all visitors by employing A/B and multivariate testing on various
on-site elements., a leading e-commerce solution provider and
reseller serving more than 6,000 customers, focused their testing efforts on
their shopping cart and saw a nearly 5% increase in conversion rate,
which led to an annual revenue increase of more than $10 million.


By testing and
refining Web sites and making on-site experiences more personal, direct
marketers can make the most of this down economy and position every ad dollar
to work harder.

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