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How Snapchat could change the way we communicate

By now everyone has heard about Snapchat rejecting the $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook.

In my mind, Snapchat was right to reject Facebook’s offer. It needs to stay far away from traditional social media platforms if it intends to maintain its identity as a messaging service, which might be better utilized by a company like Verizon or AT&T.

Slowly, but surely, Snapchat is changing how we communicate. I realize that just the word, Snapchat, strikes a certain je ne sais quoi into the hearts of people above age 25. Many think it is just for sharing “selfies” or photos that need not be traced online, but as it grows into a mainstream audience, Snapchat will be about capturing the moment and sharing that with others, just like we do with text messages, phone calls and instant messages.

Instead of posting picture perfect photos on Instagram or sharing my-so-called-curated-life on Facebook, Snapchat is brimming with authenticity, humor and the serendipity that comes with text messaging, phone calls and those rare moments in life that takes us by surprise.

Many critics of Snapchat lament the fact that messages sent on the platform disappear after viewing and they cannot be archived by the user. However, just like a sentence you share while chatting with a friend at a bar or that smile you flash at your date while walking down the street, Snapchat is about experiencing the moment. As mobile usage soars and our phones become an extension of ourselves, the ability to connect the dots between these real-life moments is what will make Snapchat valuable to many other companies beyond Facebook.  

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