How much more valuable is a website follower than a visitor?

 If you really want to make the most of your website, its all about getting followers, not just visitors. Sure you get plenty of unique visits, but are they really doing anything for your bottom line?

Content sharing platform AddThis recently conducted a study on the websites using its applications to track the behavior of site subscribers versus non-subscribers. Here’s what the study found:

  • In desktop browsers, followers scrolled 11 times and shared 30 times more often than the average web visitor
  • If a follower came from a shared link—a “social referral”—that number jumped to 100 times more frequently on desktop and 28 times more on mobile browsers
  • While sharers did not significantly convert at a higher rate, followers in desktop browsers converted 2.4 times more often than the web average; in mobile browsers, this number increased to 3.6 times more frequent

So there you have it. Time to fire up that subscription widget and start turning visitors into followers.

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