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How do your e-mail campaigns perform after the click through?

You’re a savvy e-mail marketer who reviews your e-mail messages and campaigns by looking at open rates and click-through rates.
While these statistics are invaluable to understanding a certain level of your e-mail success, they don’t give you the full picture in trying to determine return on investment or message effectiveness. Did your readers complete the intended action after they clicked?
There is tremendous value in digging a little deeper to understand what happens after a reader clicks on one of your links.
Imagine the insight you could glean if you knew what readers did after they clicked.  Did they make it to the checkout page? Did they purchase? How long did they spend on the destination site?  Knowing the answers is essential to understanding the effectiveness of your message.
Integrating e-mail tracking with Web site tracking enables you to do just that. By looking past the click through, you can truly gauge the effectiveness of your e-mail campaigns by tracking visitor behavior from the inbox through to the shopping cart, and every point in between. Integrated e-mail and Web analytics can show you:

• Where did visitors go after they clicked on a link?
• Did they go to the area you had hoped?
• How much time did they spend at the destination?
• Did they purchase?
• If so, did they purchase what you sent them to the site to purchase? 
• Do your e-mail visitors behave differently than your other site visitors?

These and other insights enable you to evaluate how effective your e-mail campaigns are in completing their goals, and allow you to measure ROI. They enable you to adjust future campaigns to be more effective. They can point to areas of your Web site that may need to be revised to be as effective as possible at reaching and influencing visitors coming from your e-mail campaigns.
Additionally, the knowledge gleaned from integrated e-mail analytics allows you to send targeted follow-up messages to recipients you know to be most receptive. People who spent a lot of time on your destination site, visited several pages or made it all the way to the checkout page are great prospects.
At SubscriberMail, we’re finding our clients are increasingly interested in taking that extra step to integrate analytics into their e-mail marketing campaigns. It only makes sense for the greatest possible campaign effectiveness and ROI.

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