How Collaborative Data Helps Marketers Read the Clouds

The Weather Company and LiveRamp announced a first-of-its-kind data integration that will allow for an event-based data (WEATHERfx) set to match with an audience-based data set in real-time.

The collaboration will also deliver the Weather Company’s real-time data on LiveRamp’s IdentityLink Data Store to give advertisers an opportunity to apply data as a tier for decision making, such as using environmental conditions, severe weather, and relative weather conditions to improve their personalized marketing.

The result will allow marketers and brands to develop better campaign outcomes, as well as, ensure the right message reaches the right customer at the right moment.

“We believe this will be a significant industry breakthrough that will help marketers create better campaign outcomes and encourage expanded usage of different data sets across the media ecosystem,” says Jeremy Hlavacek, VP of global automated monetization at The Weather Company.

The WEATHERfx platform allows marketers and brands to understand the influential impact weather can have on consumers’ behaviors and actions. For instance, the days leading up to a snowstorm may inspire consumers to purchase a wealth of different products in preparation. However, during the storm, consumer’s decisions may be geared toward online product purchases.

“The WEATHERfx analyzes complex data sets (past, present, and future weather elements; sales data; and consumer data) in order to define the right mix of conditions when weather is most likely to drive consumer behavior,” says Hlavacek.

Analysis of these impacts will give marketers and brands a leverage into real-time consumer insights, providing a more effective targeting and engagement process.

“The weather tells us much more than what’s going on outside,” says Hlavacek. “It is an invisible layer that connects people and companies more deeply — it is the secret to understanding how consumers feel, and predicting how they’ll behave.”

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