How CMOs Can Inspire Marketers in 2015

The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.

Those are the insightful words from 19th century Irish poet Oscar Wilde. His words ring true today for marketers; good advice and direction are invaluable and ignite innovation and motivation. So I’ve culled a few words of wisdom from some of today’s most skilled analysts. I asked each of them this question: What should CMOs tell their staffs in 2015? Their answers are poignant, diverse, and perhaps most of all, relevant to most every industry.

“CMOs should be telling their staffs that change in user behavior is accelerating—fast. Every traditional method of engaging with consumers should be challenged; [marketers] should shift gears from being suspicious of new opportunities, new channels, and new methods to a willingness to question old, historical methods.”—Ken Allard, managing director of business strategy, Huge

“They should be fostering a lot more collaboration with their staffs, and between various departments, because initiatives need to be strategic and integrated. And that’s not just internally. It also means externally; it means with your agency partners and vendor partners. Technology is such a critical component of all of this.”—Rebecca Lieb, analyst, Altimeter Group

 “CMOs should tell their staffers to develop a well-balanced, digital marketing strategy with mobile as the focal point. Media teams should also fully understand the impact of a good customer experience. This can be extended to the relevance of an ad, the quality of the brand experience, and the context in which the ad is delivered to the customer. Staffers should also embrace the use of data intelligence to inform their campaign strategy decisions.”—Mark Strecker, CEO, Amobee

“The message that CMOs should be giving their staffs in 2015 is to make sure to tie every action [and] every activity to the ultimate goal of the business. That can be driving sales, attendance, or downloads. Marketers need to be driving results that drive the business. Social and social data afford marketers an opportunity to do just that.”—Mark Josephson, CEO, Bitly

“CMOs should be taking a very data-driven approach to managing their staffs. Specifically in 2015, they should not let traditional buying patterns dictate the way that media is spent. The measurement of digital media—that includes accountability, targeting, and interactivity—is a great vehicle to show that it’s money well spent. Digital spend is such [a] deal compared to print magazines, but digital publishers still have yet to figure out how to charge for the audience and actions that they drive.”—Mark Yackanich, CEO, Genesis Media

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