How can I use my direct marketing skills to ?enhance my job search?

Approaching your job search just like you would a direct marketing project can yield strong results. Start by breaking it down into different phases which allows you to leverage your direct marketing skills more effectively throughout each stage of your job search process. Here are some other suggestions.?

First, do your research. Online job boards can be leveraged not only to find job opportunities, but to research which employers are hiring and what type of direct marketing skills are in demand. Niche job boards are a great resource to identify specific employers hiring in your industry.?

It’s also important to remember that not all jobs are necessarily advertised, so you should cross-reference employer Web sites to determine if there are additional employment opportunities available that fit your skill set.?

Promote yourself. Once you have inventoried the employers who are hiring, the companies you want to target, and what positions are available, it is time to get creative. In addition to posting your résumé online, consider using a featured résumé listing or résumé distribution service to directly market yourself to employers and differentiate yourself. Also, don’t forget to leverage the information you discovered during your research to personally reach out to employers of interest.?

Finally, end with a call to action. Whether the company is currently recruiting for a position or not, it is important to give them an offer they can’t refuse. Apply your direct marketing skills to effectively demonstrate the value you will bring to their organization if they were to add you to their team.?

It is important to take advantage of everything online job boards have to offer, especially niche ones, in order to achieve your job search goals and ultimately land your next job. l?

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