How can digital companies attract strong candidates and increase employee retention?

It’s imperative to hire people who can bring a considerable amount of knowledge and experience to the table. Candidates should also do some old-fashioned homework. Many people will come and say they want to work for a particular company when they have no idea what the company does.

There’s a huge difference between digital agencies and traditional ones, so it’s really important that a job candidate coming in understands the space. Digital advertising is quantifiable while traditional is not. Clients can truly understand where their money is going and get a true ROI. Therefore, it’s key that candi­dates know the differences between traditional advertising and digital.

There is a talent shortage in this market, especially with respect to some tech­nologies that digital companies use. The digital creative space and user experi­ence are important. When we review portfolios, we’ve noticed there are not that many people who do what we do.

It’s in a company’s best interest to retain talented people. We think it’s essential to provide written feedback to help employees advance. Having written documentation will ensure that employees know what they need to do to meet goals and improve their performance. Also, feedback should be provided every day during a formal review period, which should give everyone in the com­pany the opportunity to come together. Self-appraisal can also be helpful for an employee, particularly when a manager weighs in. Employees are a company’s greatest assets. Managers must strive to keep people motivated by communicat­ing goals, launching new initiatives and providing opportunities for success.

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