Hoveround chooses iMarketing for SEM and lead gen

Motorized wheelchair maker Hoveround is working with iMarketing Ltd to increase its online presence through search engine marketing (SEM) and cost per acquisition (CPA) campaigns.

Jeffrey Hilton, director of marketing at Hoveround, said the companies launched their first campaign together on October 26.

Keith Kochberg, CEO of iMarketing, said paid search will be the backbone of the companies’ work.

“As with most of our campaigns, the initial focus will be on Google, Yahoo and Bing, in that order,” he said.

Kochberg explained that the goal of the campaigns is acquisition and that the companies hope to increase Hoveround’s existing lead generation volume by 30% by the end of next year. The efforts’ main target audience is consumers age 60 and over, and a secondary target is caregivers.

The search ads lead to a landing page that includes an opt-in to receive more information from Hoveround via e-mail.

“Those who are 65 and over are having huge growth rates online,” Hilton said. “As long as we keep our ‘keep it simple’ philosophy and keep our messaging clear, we’ll be successful.”

Kochberg said that targeting this age group online has some challenges.

“It can be as simple as thinking about the font size,” he said. “But we also need to think about operating systems and browsers. Whereas I, as a businessperson, might be using the latest version of [Internet Explorer] and Outlook, someone who is [in that age group] might not.”

Hoveround had previously worked with Integrated Media Solutions since 2005. A representative from that company could not be reached immediately for comment.

IMarketing will work with Hoveround’s offline agency, Mercury Media to ensure consistent marketing.

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