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As every direct marketer knows, lists remain a vital component of direct marketing. It doesn’t matter whether they’re BtoB or BtoC, compiled or response, postal or e-mail. The rule is simple. If you’ve got the wrong list, your direct marketing campaign is doomed.

As the direct marketer’s longstanding primary source of news and information on lists and databases, DM News now introduces a new e-mail broadcast service for users and vendors of mailing lists and insert media.

The DM News Hot List of the Day service will serve an audience of 30,000 list brokers, managers, agency execs and DM professionals selected from the DM News e-mail database. It’s a fabulous way to announce a new or updated list and get your datacard out to your customers and prospects!

Prices below are based on frequency of transmissions, with additional discounts available for high-frequency advertisers in DM News print or online editions.

Price per broadcast:

1X – 12X = $1,500

13X – 25X = $1,250

26X – 52X = $1,000

All rates are gross and per insertion

Ad materials may be submitted in HTML (700 pixels wide) with an accompanying text version. All art must be hosted by advertiser if HTML is submitted. We do not modify submitted HTML code or check links. Broadcast is held pending receipt of written approval of a test. We include an Opt-Out link for recipients to remove their email address from our list. Opt-Out links in advertiser submitted HTML code are not permitted. If you do not wish to submit HTML code, this may be submitted: a text document (30 words or less, plus a 60 character header and URL/e-mail address) with corresponding logo (120 x 60 pixels) and one piece of additional art (300 x 400 pixels). Art should be gifs or jpegs, 15K or less. E-mail ad creatives to: [email protected] Closing Dates / Deadlines – Seven business days in advance of broadcast for both insertion orders and acceptable artwork.

To reserve your broadcast or get further information, contact your district manager at 212-925-7300 or Robert diGioia at [email protected].

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