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HopStop selects Mocean Mobile to drive geo-targeted ads

Online urban navigation guide HopStop has selected Mocean Mobile, a provider of mobile advertising technologies, to drive location-based mobile ads on devices using iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry operating systems, said HopStop CEO Joe Meyer. The company had previously used Medialets’s mobile advertising solutions.

The location-based ads are currently live on Android devices and iPad. Meyer said he expects the ads to go live on the iPhone “next week at the latest,” pending approval from Apple. He also said he expects HopStop to roll out the location-based advertising technology on the mobile Web, followed by Windows and Blackberry devices.

Mocean Mobile’s geo-targeting technology is designed to enable HopStop to notify its users of nearby locations and push geographically-relevant business promotions and deals to mobile customers. Additionally, HopStop will attempt to leverage Mocean Mobile’s analytics to provide real-time insight into ad performance.

HopStop has used geo-targeting and location-aware ads in the past, including on its mobile apps and its mobile website. However according to Meyer, Mocean Mobile provided a more granular level of targeting across a greater number of platforms and devices.

“Two years ago, less than 5% of our users were mobile,” Meyer said. “Now it’s over 40% and it’s all incremental. We spent the last two years working on the user experience into the native apps. Now that we have sufficient mass in mobile, we need advanced targeting capabilities.”

Mocean Mobile, one of more than five mobile ad service providers evaluated by HopStop, develops technology that targets customers based on zip codes, cities, neighborhoods, addresses and GPS locations. HopStop declined to name the other vendors it had evaluated. Because HopStop’s service is globally available in 68 markets, across more than 200 major cities, and is used by more than two million mobile customers per month, the online travel guide provider also needed a scalable solution, Meyer said.

“I see only opportunities [with geo-targeted mobile advertising],” he added. “We’re a large, location-based service, one of the largest ones out there. By virtue of users needing to give us their current location and their future location, our service lends itself very well to that granular geo-targeting.”

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