Hopefuls Hillary, Barack and John are a text away

As presidential candidates vie for attention, mobile services firm Mogreet is jumping on the bandwagon with a new mobile video service.

With its new “Mogreet the Vote,” campaign, the mobile video company is promoting its new free video text service around the presidential campaign.

“It’s all about empowering young voters with a voice through the channel that they know best,” said James Citron, CEO of Mogreet. “The youth vote is very important in this election and using new media channels is the best way to reach a younger demographic.”

Mogreet has sent a mobile phone to each of the major presidential candi­date’s new media managers, which in turn are connected to voters.

At http://www.mogreetthevote.com/, con­sumers can select from a series of 10- to 15-second videos, deemed Mogreets, on topics that include the economy, gay marriage, the Iraq War and global warming and send them to a candidate’s mobile phone, with a personalized text message, for free. General consumer-to-consumer Mogreets cost 99 cents.

Eighteen to 29 year olds are targeted in promotions. Through the free voting campaign, Mogreet is getting the word out and building up a list of opt-in mobile users to market to. The list is being tracked by their location to build a demographic database.

“We hope to send hundreds of thou­sands of these political messages and to teach young people about our platform in doing so,” Citron added.

Since the campaign debuted last week, 4,000 messages have been sent. In Wisconsin, Barack Obama received the most MoGreets at 37.5%, with Hillary Clinton coming in second at 22.5%. In Midwestern states, 17.5% of videos ad­dressed global warming.

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