Hootsuite Enterprise enhances asset management

Hootsuite, the Vancouver, Canada-based social relationship management platform today announced enhancements to its Content Library solution.

Content Library, which is available free to Hootsuite Enterprise customers, provides a repository for approved brand content ready for sharing in response to social conversations. Centralized availability of pre-reviewed assets can empower employees to engage with social media users and share content with speed and confidence. Hootsuite’s improvements to the solution are intended to enhance that ability. They include:

  • Management of approved content by team leads across teams or for designated, approved individuals.
  • Reduction of approval cycles, across departments and organizations where needed.
  • Compliant message templates to ensure adherence to regulations and company policies.

Customized access to the library can connect brands and agencies with shared assets.  Matt Gentile, global director of social media at Century 21 Real Estate said: “Ensuring that we have standardized content is a challenging aspect of social media. Through the Content Library, we will be able to provide access to professionally designed and approved assets from our agencies directly to more than 100,000 of our affiliated brokers and agents around the globe.”

Hootsuite says these improvements will increase efficiency of workflows, and save on time wasted searching for up-to-date, approved, correctly branded content.

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