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Hootsuite announces integration with Marketo’s marketing automation platform

As the big digital marketing clouds compete against each other with acquisitions and the race towards total integration, the smaller independent platforms are announcing integrations of their own.

Social media management platform Hootsuite is joining forces with marketing automation software maker Marketo to provide lead generation capabilities from social media. The integration is available exclusively to Hootsuite Enterprise and Marketo customers, and is the latest external partnership available in Hootsuite’s App Directory.

“Today’s customers are completing nearly 70 percent of their buying journey online.” said Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite in a statement. “As a result, brands know social media is an important channel for demand generation where they can actively engage customers and prospects in meaningful conversations. Our integration with Marketo simplifies the process of capturing these key interactions in your lead database.”

Here are the additional capabilities the partnership will offer to Marketo and Hootsuite clients:

Generate qualified leads from social: Users can identify prospects on social channels in HootSuite and add them to a lead database in Marketo. Prospects can then be targeted with relevant campaigns, keyword searchers and engagement monitoring. 

Qualify leads faster with social scoring: The leads identified through social media channels can be rated by capturing data for key social media activity and conversations to discover prime opportunities for engagement.This social data can be used to score leads and query lead databases to search social media users against existing prospects.

Gain deeper insight into buyers: The additional social media activity data will provide opportunities  to engage in more meaningful conversations with customers and prospects. Insights gleaned through HootSuite can be used to update lead records with social profile, message and conversation data that provides deeper context and helps progress leads through the buying journey.

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